Many Councils across the state operate Early Learning Centres (ELC) recognising the importance of providing care in the community.

The City of Port Phillip undertook a lengthy review of their ELC. The ASU, its members and delegates, the community, local MPs and parents campaigned to defend Early Learning Services at City of Port Phillip and we won.

Council voted unanimously recently to continue to deliver early learning services after a public interest test confirmed the value of their role in delivering early education and care services.

The Public Interest Test revealed these services provide more accessible and higher quality of early education and care for vulnerable children than other providers.

Our campaign to preserve council’s role in early learning ran for two years. We are relieved that council care is now secure for the benefit of the community.

This win shows the importance of advocating, campaigning and unity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how critical early education services are especially for the families of essential working parents.

Early learning educators are vital for the development of children and essential for vulnerable children, especially in these difficult times. Council childcare offers the highest quality services available delivered by committed educators.

Notice of a delegates meeting for children’s services will be sent up in the coming weeks.

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