Your ASU Organiser and Delegates are soon to commence bargaining for a new Local Area Work Agreement (LAWA) to cover Depot workers at Whittlesea.

As you will recall late last year, following a meeting of ASU members, we ‘rolled over’ the enterprise agreement to secure a $35 a week pay increase.

As part of that agreement, the ASU and Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding committing to commence discussions about a new Depot LAWA in mid-2022. This was to ensure we had time to address the issues facing Depot members issues before we commence bargaining for a new EA for the whole workforce in early 2023.

You will be represented at the bargaining table by ASU Delegates Boris Jurukovski, Dez Kennedy, Scrubby Hawking, Joel Jenkins and Di Smith.

You can find more information about your current LAWA on page 67 of the enterprise agreement: Whittlesea City Council Enterprise Agreement No. 9 (2019) (

This Wednesday, the ASU will be holding an ASU members meeting to discuss the issues you want addressed in the next Local Area Work Agreement.=

DATE: Wednesday 22 June
TIME: 7.30am
VENUE: Epping Depot, Lunch Room

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