Yesterday, ASU officials and workplace delegates attended the quarterly Staff Consultative Committee meeting.

The ASU  requested that internal reviews, restructures in the pipeline are to be bought to the SCC meetings to inform the ASU when these are taking place. The ASU has requested a report be put on the next SCC agenda for all reviews/restructures over the previous 12 months. Council advised they have taken these requests on notice.

The special leave pool has 1000 hours available; a draft document will be provided to the SCC once the policy has been reviewed and provided to the ASU for comment. This is also the case for the drug and alcohol policy which is under review.

Transition to retirement policy and application form will be circulated to the SCC so all other departments are working off the same application form.

The ASU has requested access to all staff inductions; however, COW has rejected this request. COW has agreed to provide the ASU access to inductions for employees employed through the Working for Victoria Scheme. COW has applied for 260 positions through this Scheme, over 6 months and around 80 of these employees will be coming into Council. Others will be partnered up with Community organisations performing COVID-19 related work. It is important to note that any casuals out of work will be able to apply for these roles direct through Council and the ASU have asked that Council inform casuals of this opportunity.

Working for Victoria Program positions are not to be used to fill existing roles/work presently performed by Council employees.

Finally, as part of the new normal, Council is considering remote working options that will provide better flexibility for staff by choice. Conversations are happening in each team to discuss options that will be fair and reasonable and promote safety and flexibility.

All Staff will be consulted through HSRs and Delegates regarding transition back to the workplace. If they do not have an HSR/Delegate, Managers will give a list of HSRs/Delegates so that members can contact them for further advice or to raise any concerns.

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For further information please contact
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | | 0428 161 681
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt || 0419 506 178

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