The ASU has been informed by Council of a service review of the Fleet Services Department.

In previous service reviews at Council, this has led to the outsourcing of these services and, as a result, ASU members have lost their jobs.

The ASU will be writing to the acting CEO to raise our concerns in regard to this matter, and seeking assurances that this review will not include the contracting out, or outsourcing, of any part of this valuable in-house service that ASU members provide.

The ASU will be supporting our members to retain their jobs at council.

The ASU cannot believe that during the worst pandemic that we have seen in our life-time, and the recession that has come with high unemployment within our communities that a Director proposes to try and make a name for themselves at the expense of ASU jobs at the Epping Depot.

This is very disappointing during this already stressful time for our members at Council.

It just flies in the face of the constructive discussions ASU have been having with council in getting assurances that no full-time/part-time employees would be stood down or lose their jobs during this unprecedented pandemic period. The ASU has supported Council in getting State Government funding to enable the Working for Victoria program, creating jobs, not only for our stood-down casuals, but providing work for people who have already lost their jobs in our community.

Union membership has never been more important than now. The more members we have the more power we have.

Don’t forget the ASU recruitment competition is underway until September, $500 is up for grabs for the member who recruits the most new people.

For further information please contact: one of your ASU delegate team or
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 |

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