As library members, you understand the importance of access to information and the role that libraries play in our communities. This work needs to be respected by your employer and to date this has not occurred.

Taking industrial action during negotiations is a way to assert your rights as employees and demand better pay and conditions for the hard work you perform.  Without union action, employers can easily disregard workers’ concerns and interests, which may lead to unfair treatment.

By standing together as a united front, WML members can increase their bargaining power and achieve better outcomes in the EA.

Taking action sends a strong message to management that workers are committed to fighting for their rights. However, it is vital that all members are performing the action to make it impactful.

Here is a list of actions that have already been notified with information on what these mean on the ground for you.
View Stage 1 here.
View Stage 2 here.

There are still a number of actions we haven’t notified of yet (these can be found here) however are looking to do so next week.

A meeting will be held to discuss this further;

DATE: Friday 5 May
TIME: 3pm

In preparation for the meeting, we have also put together a short survey regarding a potential stop work for next week. If we don’t enliven this action next week then we are unable to perform a stop work into the future without a new ballot- which we don’t want to do! Please fill in the survey here:

For further information please contact: Your ASU Delegates or
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

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