After our meeting on Wednesday May 24 at 7pm, we identified the following information which we believe is invaluable for all members. 

One of the best and most cost-effective benefits we offer is the setting up of your will through Maurice Blackburn.  This is a free service to all ASU members, and we would encourage you to make use of it.  The usual cost of having a will professionally drawn up is on average $600 upwards. 

If you are interested the link is: Use the code ASU-VIC835. 

Before accepting employment with another organisation you could do some research into whether they have a current Enterprise Agreement and what the employment conditions are : 

To find out more about awards for your sector : 

To learn about the National Employment Standards : 

If you require assistance with understanding your redundancy payment please make an appointment with People and Culture and speak to your co-ordinator about making sure you have time allocated to attend any meetings that you request.  You can take a support person with you. 

During this time please do not forget that you can reach out and ask us for assistance.  The contact centre number is 1300 855 570 and the contact email is 

You can always reach you to my email address below and I will make every effort to assist where I can. 

Speak to your colleagues about joining up today via 

For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Jacqui Ferreira | 

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