Last week management advised your union representatives that they want employees to vote on their proposed ‘roll-over agreement’. ASU members and their representatives believe this proposal is unacceptable and that negotiations should commence.

Your representatives put a counter proposal to management for a twelve-month ‘roll-over’ agreement with a single wage increase of 2.5%. This counter proposal, a ‘short-term fix’ (while the current CEO departs and is replaced later this year) was rejected by management.

The overwhelming feedback from ASU members was that the existing proposal was not good enough especially with the second and third year wage increases being unspecified and dependent on the decision of an external authority.

ASU Delegates and ASU Union Officials met yesterday and unanimously rejected the management proposal as per the following resolution:

That this meeting of ASU Delegates at the City of Whitehorse, held on Tuesday the 28 of May, 2019, determines to reject the enterprise agreement as proposed by management on the following basis:

  1. that there is no set wage increase in the second Year;
  2. that there is no set wage increase in the third Year;
  3. that there is no benefit for employees who are at ‘End of Band’;
  4. that, apart from minor changes resulting from undertakings made in the Fair Work Commission in 2016 and minor changes to update the language used in the document, there are no improvements to conditions of employment; and,
  5. that the proposed wage methodology, which would provide an equal flat-rate increase to employees from Band 1 through to Band 8, has been refused by management.

Given the above factors, the ASU (Vic/Tas Branch) encourages the membership and employees to VOTE NO when the ballot starts on the proposed enterprise agreement in June, 2019.

Encourage your work mates and colleagues to join the ASU. If you are not a member you can join at https://www.asu.asn.au/asujoin

Your work is the foundation of your life: doesn’t it make sense to protect it? The ASU protects your rights at work, we are not-for-profit, member-owned and run.

Please note that more information can be sought from local ASU Delegates as per the following list:

  • Janine Brooks (Business Services)
  • David Casey (Maintenance Department)
  • Barbara Connor (Ages & Disability Services)
  • Christopher Wiwczaruk (Maintenance Department)
  • Duane Hirini (Parks & Gardens)
  • Cameron Mochon (Parks & Gardens)
  • Jose Hernandez (Food Services)

Please feel free to contact the ASU Delegates during normal working hours to discuss the above matters. Also, please feel free to distribute this newsletter on noticeboards, pigeon holes, lunch rooms, etc.

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