The enterprise agreement vote has concluded and the majority of employees at Whitehorse Council voted in support of the enterprise agreement.

To refresh your memory, you can find all the changes to the new EA here 20220615-Whitehorse-CC-EBA-Changes-through-Negotiations.pdf (

Council now needs to lodge the document with the Fair Work Commission, where there will be a review of the document to ensure no entitlements fall below the Award.  This is called the Better Off Over All Test (BOOT).

The Agreement will come into effect 7 days after it is certified.

The ASU would like to thank members for their engagement and direction throughout the negotiations.

We would also like to send a BIG thank you to our amazing ASU Delegates who sat at the table – Brownyn Delehunty (WHACS), Carol Wocker (WELS), Dav Casey (Op Centre) and Shane Lumsden (Transfer Station) for all their hard work and dedication throughout the process.

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