Following the recent round of member consultation, the ASU put forward the top items from our log, that members felt most passionately about.

These can be found here (20220303-Whitehorse-CC-LOC-Prority-Areas.pdf (

Council came back with the following improvements;

New Wages Offer

Year 1

1.75% per annum or $26 per week whichever is greater.  (The $26 cuts out at a band 5B-Therefore bands 1 to 5B will get the $26 per week which equates to a higher increase then 1.75%)

Band 2c (Home care workers) this equates 2.27%

Band 3d this equates to 2.07%

Years 2 and 3

1.75% per annum or $26 or 80% of the rate cap amount, whichever is greater.

This is an improvement on the previous offer of 1.5% or $20.50. However, does it go far enough?

In terms of the other items within our list, Council has agreed to:

  • Increase compassionate leave to 5 days
  • Higher duties payable from 1 day

These are in addition, to the other improvements we have already secured:
-Improved family violence leave
-Recognition for incomplete years of service within redundancy (1 week)

However, key priorities have not been addressed and there are significant local area conditions in infrastructure, aged and disability, arts and culture and leisure that are proposed to change. You can download the changes for each area below for your feedback
Aged and disability,
Arts and culture,

Next steps

Fill out the survey and let us know what you think. You can do this here:

Come along to a meeting next week. Further details here:

For further information please contact
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | | 0400 986 745

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