The ASU is active in your workplace and has recently met with management to map out the commencement of the bargaining process.

An ASU meeting was held at the Whitehorse depot on the 31 January, which was well attended and resulted in the election of two new delegates. Welcome aboard Cameron and Chris! The ASU will be holding further meetings for all staff and then subsequent meetings with members to develop the log of claims. A meeting with home carer workers will be organised at the earliest available opportunity to discuss the ASU’s aged care campaign.

NEGOTIATIONS ON WAGES & CONDITIONS: the existing EA will expire on the 8th of December, 2019, with the next wage increase due in September, 2019 and negotiations between management and the unions will start this month. The 1st initial meeting was held yesterday afternoon to deal with administrative matters.

INTEREST BASED-BARGAINING: the approaches made by management to proceed with ‘interest-based bargaining’ in these negotiations has been abandoned. Your union, the ASU and the other unions Australian Nurses Midwives Federation and Australian Professionals all expressed their concerns about this approach. CEO Noelene Duff in the ‘Employee Update’ distributed on 15 March, 2019 confirmed this outcome and noted that each ASU Delegate will be directly involved in the negotiations.

Representative unionism – the ASU calls for nominations from members to represent members from their work area (especially in areas without local ASU representation) and to participate in negotiations on YOUR wages and YOUR conditions. If you wish to nominate to be an ASU Delegate please call Branch Organiser David Nunns on 0418 856 495 or one of your workplace delegates below to register your interest ASAP.

Please note that nominations can also be provided directly to an ASU Delegate as per the following:

  • Janine Brooks (Business Services)
  • David Casey (Maintenance Department)
  • Barbara Connor (Ages & Disability Services)
  • Christopher Wiwczaruk (Maintenance Department)
  • Duane Hirini (Parks & Gardens)
  • Cameron Mochon (Parks & Gardens)
  • Jose Hernandez (Food Services)

Please feel free to contact the ASU Delegates during normal working hours to discuss the above matters and please note that an ASU Delegates Meeting was held last week (15/3/2019) to discuss the negotiations and the development of the ‘ASU Log of Claims’.

Feel free to distribute this newsletter on noticeboards, pigeon holes, lunch rooms, etc and encourage other members to get involved in the EA process.

MORE INFO: please contact your local ASU Delegate or
ASU Organiser David Nunns | 0418 856 495 |


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