The 2019 EA vote was completed on the weekend and the unions have been advised by management of the following result:

  • there were 1,394 employees
  • 681 employees (48.85%) registered a vote
  • 458 voted YES (32.86% of employees and 67.25% of voters)
  • 223 voted NO (16.00% of employees and 32.75% of voters)

In simple terms, this is a 2/3rd YES and 1/3rd NO result. That being the case, the proposed EA will proceed to the Fair Work Commission for approval.

As a point of comparison, the 2016 EA vote had the following results:

  • there were 1,330 employees
  • 780 employees (58.64%) registered a vote
  • 599 voted YES (45.03% of employees and 76.79% of voters)
  • 181 voted NO (13.60% of employees and 23.20% of voters)

This vote in 2016 was a 3/4 YES and 1/4 NO result. This year more staff voted NO and less staff voted YES which is a clear message to management.

SPECIAL THANKS to the ASU Delegates listed below with the VOTE NO campaign and the so-called ‘negotiations’ with management.

  • Janine Brooks (Business Services)
  • David Casey (Maintenance Department)
  • Barbara Connor (Ages & Disability Services)
  • Christopher Wiwczaruk (Maintenance Department)
  • Duane Hirini (Parks & Gardens)
  • Cameron Mochon (Parks & Gardens)
  • Jose Hernandez (Food Services)
  • Shane Lumsden (Waste & Recycling)


We’re Stronger Together – By encouraging your workmates to join the ASU we will have stronger voice for workers at Whitehorse. It is easy for anyone who is not yet a member to join online at

For further information contact:
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