The ASU is a union of workers that support each other to get real change in the workplace or when things get tough.

Chris was a delegate at Mildura Rural City Council who was instrumental, as part of the bargaining team at his workplace, in negotiating for Family Violence Leave and a 9-day fortnight in the enterprise agreement.

Through this work negotiating the enterprise agreement, Chris made a real difference to the safety and work/life balance of his workmates.

But after suffering a workplace injury and having difficulty accessing his entitlements, the ASU was there by his side.

He was being put through the wringer by WorkCover insurers and needed support. The ASU and Maurice Blackburn Lawyers were there for him.

After a three-year battle, Chris received a payout that is providing some financial security for his family.

He wanted to say a big thank you to ASU Organiser Danny Harris, the Australian Services Union, and the Maurice Blackburn legal team in Mildura for their support.

Chris has had a difficult time but with the support of the ASU, he is looking forward to a better future.

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