The ASU has recently been made aware of incidents involving threatening and abusive behaviour by driving instructors. We are deeply concerned about the way these matters have been handled, and that staff are being exposed to unnecessary risk.

Under the current policy process, the only obligation on Management is to notify the CVP. The process does not require Managers to do anything else, so staff have been told to continue to work with these instructors.

To be clear, these behaviours include;

  • Threatening behaviour or gestures;
  • Aggressive or demanding voice, and yelling;
  • Insults or inappropriate language;
  • Property abuse;
  • Direct threats;
  • Physical attack/abuse;
  • Driving erratically, illegally or dangerously.

These types of incidents represent serious OHS risks to staff. Section 21 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, requires that “An employer must, so far as is reasonably practicable, provide and maintain for employees of the employer a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.”

The ASU has written to VicRoads Management requesting an urgent meeting to update this process, such that staff are not further exposed to such risks.

We will keep members updated on any progress. In the meantime, if you or a colleague experience this kind of behaviour, you should;

  • Speak to your Health & Safety rep straight away and ask them to notify Worksafe
  • Formally notify Management that an OHS incident has occurred, and ask what actions they will take
  • Notify Management in writing that neither you nor anyone else should be required to work with that instructor while the incident is investigated
  • Call the union on 1300 855 570

No one should be exposed to risks to their health and safety at work. Talk to a colleague today about the importance of union membership.

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