The ASU has devised a quick guide for members which draw out some of the most important recommendations that home care members should take note of.

You can find them here

While the recommendations provide a little more clarity on the potential direction of the industry, they are not the complete picture. The Federal Liberal Government won’t give their full feedback on the final report until 31st May 2021, so we can’t know for sure which recommendations they will implement and how until then. Whilst the report outlines a unified model for aged care, there are no provisions around how providers are meant to organize themselves to adapt to it.

The ASU is advocating on behalf of all members for Councils to continue service delivery of Home Care services, as part of the Campaign we will be talking and actively lobbying Councilors, CEO’s and Politicians.

The ASU believes that Local Government is in the best position to assess, coordinate, and deliver care in multifaceted ways across the diverse communities they already interface with. There are still many gaps, the ASU need to hear from our delegates and members about concerns on this report and any other issues you would like to raise.

We’ll be holding a meeting for home care members soon and will let you know the details shortly

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tuffy Morwitzer | | 0490 450 169

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