The Department of Transport is preparing advice for VicRoads in the event that sites shut down or there is not enough work to be performed.

Importantly, no sites are being shut down yet, and no decision has been made to do so. However, we have heard that some agency staff have had a reduction in shifts.

The ASU is actively lobbying DoT around this and provides the following information to members.

For all ongoing and fixed term staff, your entitlements are contained in the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) guidance note – Victorian Public Sector, your employer should make every effort to find alternative duties, or set up working from home arrangements. A direction to not attend work should only be an absolute last resort.

If there is a direction not to attend work, then you are entitled to a minimum four weeks’ salary maintenance. We have urged DoT to agree to extend this minimum, should the direction extend beyond four weeks.

The situation for agency staff is less clear. Section 2.2 of the Guidance Note states that “the Victorian Government expects that…labour hire providers…will seriously consider extending similar leave provisions to their employees.” As such we have urged DoT to extend the salary maintenance entitlement to agency staff.

DoT must look after agency staff and cannot simply expect that agencies will do the right thing.

It is also possible that agency staff will be entitled to the Jobkeeper scheme – information about eligibility can be found here.

Agency staff will need to go through their Agency for Jobkeeper, not VicRoads.

For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Price | 0407 362 764 |

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