The first of several ASU consultations with MPSC Aged and Disability support staff was held yesterday. Your views on the issues below and any others are sought through our consultation meetings scheduled for the 21 and 25 of June.

Please join us at these meetings.

Yesterday’s meeting revealed that Council does not appear to have provided sufficient information on the impact of tendering on you. MPSC carers were unaware that the option to transfer would not be available to them.

The ASU provided the following details based on information provided by MPSC;

  • There will be no capacity for MPSC employees to transfer across to the new provider
  • Council expect to release the tender fairly soon (exact date unclear)
  • The Tender would be for all new clients’ care
  • The existing workforce would be maintained by Council for existing clients
  • There would be a steady decline in available work through Council over the next 2 years
  • Eventually, all existing carers would be eligible for redundancy
  • MPSC has said that it will wait for the ASU’s consultation with staff to conclude and consider feedback from staff before the tender is released.
  • The ASU is expected to provide this feedback in early June.

The ASU has already requested of Council that employees be provided the opportunity to elect to transfer on their existing terms and conditions of employment. In addition, we have requested that;

  • Any tender specification supports the maintenance of minimum qualifications and professional development.
  • Any tender specification supports regular opportunities for staff meetings to encourage peer to peer support and an ability to address their Occupational Health and Safety and Industrial issues.
  • That redundancies should be based on the est average earnings and not on a base of core hours.

ASU organisers and delegates look forward to speaking to you over the next week to seek your views and take members directly on these issues.

Delegates are critical to getting the word out and seeking the views of members, know someone you want to nominate please let us know.

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