The ASU has received an offer from management for a new Agreement.

The offer is an improvement on current wages and conditions. It isn’t everything we asked for but it is a step in the right direction. The next steps after an offer is a vote. Everyone who works at WPW (except Management) gets a vote.

What’s improving?
Members have raised concerns about wages especially the bonus scheme. This time around the offer is to buy out the scheme.

We were concerned that the buyout would only be a sign on dollar amount. We pursued this and in negotiations, everyone agreed that it would add $700 to your base rate of pay in year one and then increases in years 2, 3 & 4 would compound off that increased rate. This is similar to the arrangement we made at Melbourne Water.

Here is the link to wages and buyout.

We are all committed to Health and Safety. We didn’t agree on everything regarding working in heat and cold (inclement weather). A step in the right direction is that we agreed to put a weather policy in the Agreement. Management wanted only a policy. We wanted to put in specific temperatures. We now have an offer to put a reasonable clause in the actual Agreement.

What’s next?
You need to decide if we agree in principle to the offer. We ask that you email feedback by close of business Friday 5 February via

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