The ASU is aware that you have just been informed that the state government intend to merge Western Water with City West Water.

The state government have given the following assurances;

Will there be job losses with the two entities becoming one water corporation?

No – all existing staff from WW and CWW will be part of the new organisation, Greater Western Water, when it commences on 1 July 2021.

Transitioning the two water corporations to be Greater Western Water will not cause any job losses.

It will be up to the board and management of Greater Western Water to determine the best structure of the new organisation going forward – but it will provide for further opportunities for staff and longer-term jobs growth. Staff and customers will be supported to ensure this transition is smooth.

Of most concern is the fact that CWW has outsourced maintenance to a private provider while WW has kept maintenance inhouse.  ASU officials have spoken with the state government and told them that it is our very strong view that the maintenance for the old WW regain must be kept inhouse as a minimum.  The state government shouldn’t have any maintenance of critical water infrastructure outsourced at all.

We note that the state government is going to leave it up to the new board to determine the new structure for the organisation.  This is not good enough.  It should be a condition of the merge that the new entity must keep maintenance for the WW region in house at the very least..

We will be in touch within the next couple of days to notify you of member meetings that we are in the process of arranging for next week to discuss this matter with you. In the meantime please raise any immediate issues with your ASU delegates.

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