Every ASU member is unique, and every workplace is different, but we stand together across local government to achieve better workplaces. As a member of the Australian Services Union, you will have a real say on your next enterprise agreement.

To better protect workers in an increasingly dangerous world, the ASU has developed new claims for your upcoming enterprise agreement negotiations.

These innovative and practical claims are designed to protect the things in life that matter – our jobs, income, families, community and health, safety and wellbeing. Click here for details

Meetings to discuss the log of claims and managements response will be held as set out below.

We want to know what matters to you and what you want in your next enterprise agreement.

A meeting will be held:

DATE: Thursday 20 May
TIME: 7.15am
VENUE: Edenhope Depot

We are stronger when we are united. Members and potential members are welcome. Please come along and speak to your colleagues about attending as well.

Chat to a workmate who is not yet a member of our union about the importance of joining the ASU to getting a better deal in the enterprise agreement. It’s easy for anyone to join online at

If you would like further information please contact your ASU Delegate Barry Colgate or
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0488 243 858 |

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