Negotiations between the ASU and West Tamar Council for the 2019 West Tamar Council Enterprise Agreement have resulted in the introduction of a No Debit/No Credit Sick Leave System.

ASU members at West Tamar Council have welcomed this new provision.

The general principle of this no debit/no credit system is that sick leave entitlement is not accrued. If an employee is sick they will be granted sick leave as long as evidence requirements are met.  The limitation is that any single event cannot exceed 6 months.

It recognises that no-one chooses to become sick and their recovery should not be hampered by the stress of not having an adequate sick leave balance.

Positives to the Organisation

  • Provides a system that is generous and positive for employees.
  • Removes the requirement to maintain leave accrual records as only leave taken needs to be recorded.
  • Removes the concept of leave balances being an entitlement.

Positives to Employees 

  • Provides a system that is generous and positive for employees.
  • New employees not disadvantaged.
  • Removes stress that may be created through a small balance.

The West Tamar Council 2019 EA also provides a separate Carer’s Leave entitlement of up to 15 days per year to West Tamar Council employees.

The ASU believes that the 2019 West Tamar EA clause sets a new standard in Tasmanian Local Government Enterprise Agreement Personal Leave provisions and will be endeavouring to negotiate similar provisions into Enterprise Agreements across the state.

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