The voting period for your Enterprise Agreement has commenced.

ASU representatives urge all employees to vote NO, every vote matters.

It’s really important you take the time to vote and select NO. It’s also critical to talk to staff about it. Every single vote is important, and we can’t try to turn this around without at least 50% of votes against the offer.

Why Vote No
Whilst we have agreement on some ASU claims, Council is putting a not-agreed EA out to a vote that doesn’t meet the standards members consistently voted for in our meetings. This is your EA. It is really important to get a big turnout from staff to vote, to vote NO and get back to bargaining an agreeable outcome.

More information can be found in our last newsletter here.

If we win the No Vote…
Then we need to continue bargaining in good faith – this does not mean starting from scratch.

How to Vote
All direct employees are eligible to vote. You will receive voting instructions via email.

If you haven’t received voting instructions or are aware of someone else who hasn’t, please contact your employer and the ASU.

Together we are stronger. Ask a co-worker to join the ASU at

For further information please contact: Your ASU Delegates or
ASU Organiser Colin Houghton |

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