ASU Delegates & Organisers have been negotiating improvements to everyone’s wages and conditions since August 2019. Key themes from the outset included job security for staff who may be impacted by Gippsland Shared Services and future Shared Services, closing the gap in wages between Wellington staff and other Gippsland Shire Council staff, additional allowances for staff performing additional roles associated with Emergency Management, equal access to work entitlements.

We read through the latest offer and with very serious consideration given all the current factors, the ASU and delegates are recommending a vote to accept the current offer by Wellington Shire Council. We reviewed the offer, talked as a negotiation team and are unanimous in our opinion that the responsible way forward is to vote for this offer. We will keep all the claims on hand so that we can advocate for the best outcomes during the next three years and at the next negotiation in 2023.

What is the pay offer?

The pay offer is 2% or $25 each week.

What conditions are improving?

  1. If you need to take sick leave and your doctor isn’t available then you can use a statutory declaration.
  2. Your Superannuation money will be transferred fortnightly instead of monthly.
  3. Secondary carer’s leave is increasing from two weeks to four weeks.
  4. Bereavement Leave is increasing to five days for each occasion of losing an immediate family member.
  5. People will now be able to cash out some Annual leave.

What are the issues that we are still concerned about?

There is still uncertainty about the proposed Gippsland Shared Services model with little reassurance given on safeguarding staff if the new entity is established. The reluctance to include safeguards in your Enterprise Agreement is of concern. ASU Leadership is taking up this issue outside of the Agreement making process. We wrote to your CEO and the other CEOs in Gippsland to demand that this GSS project be stopped on March 25th. You can download a copy of that letter here. ASU Executive President Billy King said ‘The ASU would be keen to partner with the four (4) Councils to lobby the State Government to keep the shared services funding, and put it towards some of the challenges that you have ahead of you, including redeploying Council staff and other members of the community who may be out of work because of the Coronavirus.’

What’s next?

We thank everyone for coming to our meetings in February and ASU delegates for representing workers.  We will update you when your CEO responds to Billy’s demand. Please let us know if you have any workplace issues. We continue to represent you while respecting the physical distancing safety requirements.

For more information please contact your union delegate or
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor | | 0417 551 124

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