Have you ever felt like you just needed a day to get back on top of your own mental wellbeing?

Have you ever been tempted to take a day of personal leave to get that break but been put off by the need to get sick certificates, or the fear you’ll ‘get caught’ because you’re not technically ‘sick’?

We’ve all had days like these, especially as workloads and pressure increase, and when we do drag ourselves in to work we tend not to be at our most productive anyway!

Thankfully, for the workers at Wyndham City Council (and others who have adopted similar provisions), their EA will now include access to three ‘wellbeing days’ each year to use how and when they need.

Wellbeing days are designed to support workers who just need a break; for whatever reason, to get back to their best.

Agreeing to provisions like wellbeing days in enterprise agreements is a smart and common sense way for employers to support their staff and help to maintain a productive workforce.

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