Victorian Government is holding an inquiry into the on-demand workforce or ‘gig economy’.

The ‘gig economy’ features work that is usually temporary and short term; without guaranteed hours or income; and without the protections of National Employment Standards.

On-demand work isn’t fair on workers who can get very low hourly rates and don’t get leave or superannuation paid by their employer.

And it isn’t fair on the rest of us.  It can make our jobs insecure and makes it harder for us to negotiate fair pay rises.

As part of our commitment to protecting and improving the working conditions and entitlements of members, the ASU will be putting in a submission to this inquiry.

You can help by letting us know how the gig economy has affected you at work.

  • If secure jobs at your workplace have been replaced by on-demand contractors – let us know
  • If you feel less secure in your job because of on-demand contracting – let us know
  • If on-demand contracting has been used as an excuse by your employer to oppose fair wage rises – let us know

The Victorian Government has prepared a background paper on the inquiry into the Victorian on-demand workforce if you are looking for more information.

We’ll need to put in our submission by 6 February this year. So if you have a story, please share it with us.

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