With stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne and stage 3 restrictions reintroduced into regional Victoria, we are seeing just what each council is like as an employer.

Some councils are doing the right thing by their staff if they are unable to work because of the restrictions.  They are making sure they can pay their bills and keep contributing to their local economies.

But other councils are not.

Councils like Stonnington has stood down workers in libraries without pay.  Unbelievably, Casey City Council and has stood down, also without pay, 250 School Crossing Supervisors.

Each of these dedicated workers has been cut adrift by employers who are profiting from the pandemic after receiving funding from the Victorian Government for workers that they are no longer paying

We need JobKeeper to be extended to local government because some councils have shown they are incapable of doing the right thing.

Send an email NOW asking the federal Treasurer to extend JobKeeper to local government workers.

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