Australian Services Union is proud to announce we secured an offer. On Wednesday 10Th February ASU Delegate Benn Snell and Organiser Cindy O’Connor met with the other unions (Mining & Energy, ETU & Professionals Australia) and the AGL Loy Yang A Management team. The meeting took over six hours but we have an outcome.

Pay Offer

Quantum =  3% per payrise
Timing = 10th February 2021, 10th January 2022, 10th January 2023, 10th January 2024
Note that your last payrise was 27th May 2020 and there isn’t a payrise agreed on for 2025. The new expiry date is March 2025.

What’s next?

There are good improvements to conditions as well. We are organising a paid time report back meeting in the Learning Centre. We will text everyone the details once we have a covid safe plan for it. There will be a vote of all employees after you all have seven days to read the document. If a majority vote yes then the offer will be sent to Fair Work Commission for review and approval by a Commissioner.

Do you have a colleague who wants  union advice and our report on the offer? They can join here and then have a say at our union meeting: link:



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