Your ASU delegate and organiser met with Wathaurong management last week as part of ongoing consultation regarding the restructure.

Issues discussed were centred on operational issues and were:

  • Operational manuals are being developed to bring Wathaurong in line with accreditation requirements. These will be discussed with staff at the in-service meetings being held between 3-5 March. Assurance was given to the ASU that all staff will have time to become familiar with them.
  • There was commitment that once the review into Position Descriptions commences ASU and members will be consulted fully throughout the process.
  • The ongoing issue regarding the wearing of compulsory uniforms was also discussed. It was determined that should the supplied uniform top be unsuitable, members are able to purchase their own top (at their own cost and subject to being the correct colour etc.) and Wathaurong will have the logo placed on the top at their expense. This should alleviate OHS issues regarding materials used etc.
  • With regards to the compulsory diploma course, Wathaurong advised that this is an expectation by the state government as part of the Aboriginal Workforce Development Agency funding. They have advised that a tutor is in place to assist members where needed. Workload issues were raised by the ASU and management advised that where there was an issue of workloads becoming unreasonable members are to speak to the supervisor who will assist in alleviating the issue.
  • It is the ASU’s understanding that the laptop contracts have been amended but as yet they have not provided an updated copy to ASU.

Management has stated that no restructure committee member has received feedback from employees and ASU encourage members to use this format. However, as members, you have a right to provide feedback to the ASU via your delegate or direct to your organiser.

Wathaurong has committed to ongoing consultation with the ASU and it was agreed that quarterly meetings would occur with the next meeting to be held in early April.

Members are to be congratulated in your involvement in the consultation process and are encouraged to continue to provide feedback.

If you know of anyone who is not yet a member speak to them now and encourage them to join you to ensure that we have the strength to ensure consultation continues throughout any changes.

Joining is quick and easy and can be done online here

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 |

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