The ASU has been attempting to engage with WAC regarding COVID-19 and working from home issues raised by members to no avail.

ASU wrote to WAC in March asking detailed questions about how they are looking after members’ health and safety during the pandemic.

Frustratingly at a meeting organised by WAC management, they invited a legal representative to speak on their behalf. The legal representative was obstructive and did not want to discuss the measures in place which stymied any real consultation.

Last week ASU wrote to management and advised that we are aware of two issues. First, excessive monitoring, that members are required to report on every text and phone call made throughout the day, This is far more than what is required under the guidelines, is onerous and also not an accurate way to measure client contact.

Secondly, ASU raised that we are aware that since WFH commenced there has been little to no supervision. This is deeply concerning given the heightened risks for our members, especially in the family services programs.

ASU requested that this be addressed as a matter of priority and for a written response by Thursday 30 April. To date, there has still been no contact from WAC management regarding these issues despite a follow-up request.

This is unacceptable and an indication of the lack of concern for any issue’s members bring to them through their union. The ASU is not prepared to accept their silence when members are feeling unsupported, untrusted, and are placing themselves at potential risk by not having supervision.

ASU is now urgently seeking your feedback. All members are encouraged to complete this short survey by Monday 11 May so we can assess our options to escalate this issue.

Members can be confident that all responses will be strictly confidential and de-identified before any information is provided to WAC.

If you know of anyone who is not yet a member, speak to them now and encourage them to join you to ensure that we have the strength to have your voice heard. They can join online at

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