Your ASU bargaining team have been meeting every fortnight since August to negotiate a new Enterprise Agreement for our members at Waratah/Wynyard Council.

Management has now responded to most of our claims. You can see their current status here.

We have not discussed any of the wage claims, but just to remind you all, ASU claim vs Management (WWC) claim is as follows:
ASU – 4% or CPI (whichever is greater) or a flat rate of $45 per week or CPI (whichever is greater), in each year of the agreement.
WWC – A flat rate increase of $17 per week (equivalent to 1.3% or $884 per annum) in year one of the agreement, 1.3% in year two and a 1.5% increase in year 3

Other claims we have not come to an agreement on are:

  • Paid Parental Leave eligibility criteria to remain at 2 years
  • No increase to Voluntary Emergency Management Activity paid leave
  • No increase to Redundancy payment (to remain at 3 weeks/year of service) however; management may negotiate the capping at 48 weeks
  • No to include additional allowances (objectionable materials/adverse conditions/first aid officer)
  • No to Paid Pandemic Leave (either use Personal Leave or Unpaid Leave)
  • No to Workloads clause

Management claims:

  • Allowances to increase by 4% (once-off/for the life of the agreement)
  • Salary sacrifice to include Vehicle salary packaging
  • Purchase leave – tighter parameters
  • Personal Emergency Leave (new clause) – 10 days paid leave at the discretion of the General Manager

For further information please contact:
ASU Delegates/Bargaining Reps, Lisa Bramich, Ashley McDougall and Shane Whiteley

Our next EBA negotiations meeting is scheduled for Thursday 4 November 2021

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