ASU members can be proud of the fast and excellent renegotiation of their Agreement that new ASU Delegate Kerry Davies ably led. Your ballot is open.

Best outcomes

  • Negotiated paid parental leave increase to 14 weeks.
  • Negotiated yearly pay rise from 2.5% to 3%
  • Negotiated an extra 0.5% superannuation above the super guarantee.
  • Strengthened job security and redundancy conditions
  • Doubled Family Violence Leave, now 20 days per year.

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Good things about the process

  • Good faith negotiations on both sides
  • High staff interest, contribution and attendance at meetings

Kerry attributes her success to consistently high attendance and engagement at staff meetings about the EBA where plenty of ideas and strong discussion lead to a solid log of claims.

  • GMI leadership were supportive allowing paid meetings and ensuring that Kerry was paid for all hours outside contract spent working in negotiations. As a workplace union leader, Kerry was acknowledged across the organization.
  • ASU provided support and flexibility to meet and discuss, providing guidance and advice that was integral to sustaining her through the negotiation

Get involved in your agreement it’s important!

With wages stagnating and the cost of living rising, Kerry wanted to prevent the erosion of the ASU equal pay win. “I noticed that the annual pay increase being offered was less than the previous EBA’s July increases. I knew it was important that someone investigate and consider the employer’s claims, and arrange a consultation with the staff as to what conditions were important to them so that everyone had the opportunity to have a say before anything was finalised.”

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