Voting on your new Enterprise Agreement will take place on Monday 13 December. The access period is about to commence, and during this time we strongly encourage all our members to have a read of the proposed EA.

This is your opportunity to have your voice heard so it is imperative you vote on the day. The ASU and your Delegates strongly encourage you to VOTE NO!

Management commenced negotiations with a very poor wage offer of:
1.3% (2022), 1.3% (2023) & 1.5% (2024) – all bargaining representatives around the table dismissed this and recommended Council come back to the table with a better offer.

Management has now come back with an offer which is still insufficient at:
2.2% or $28/week (whichever is greater) – 2022
2% – 2023
2% – 2024

With the CPI rate currently sitting at 3% for Hobart (SEP quarter), the ASU does not agree that the increases are sufficient as the cost of living is significantly increasing, yet your pay increases aren’t keeping up – they’re GOING BACKWARDS. Council haven’t even offered the safeguard of CPI each year if the proposed wage increase is lower than cost of living increases.

Other employment conditions that Council have not agreed upon are:

  • NO to indoor workforce having the ability to a 9-day fortnight
  • NO to increasing superannuation above legal minimum (currently 10%)
  • NO to including objectionable materials allowance/adverse conditions allowance/First Aid officer allowance
  • NO to allowing both workers to claim confined space allowance – only the person physically in the confined space
  • NO to decreasing continuous service eligibility from 2 years to 1 year for Parental Leave
  • NO to increasing paid Emergency Services Leave from 5 days to 10 days
  • NO to increasing redundancy pay
  • NO to paid pandemic leave – must use own leave or leave without pay
  • NO to including a workload clause

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Jess Cassidy |

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