The enterprise agreement access period started on Monday 14th February 2022. This is your chance to have a look at the enterprise agreement, your union delegates and officials have been working on for months.

Unfortunately, this final enterprise agreement offer being put to vote is not agreed on, as it does not meet the standards that you unanimously voted for at our member meetings held on 6th and 7th December 2021. That is why it is vital that you send a message to Council and Vote No!

We have made some improvements, but the back pay offer is not good enough:

No movement on the back pay offer – despite a very conservative counteroffer being put on the table by ASU members of back pay until the 1st pay period in July 2021. Council have stuck to their offer of back pay to be paid from 1st December 2021.

When voting opens on 24th February 2022 It is really important you take the time to vote and clearly select the NO box.

It is also critical to talk to other staff in your area about why it is important that they vote No. Every staff member gets a vote, not just members of the ASU. We can’t begin to try to turn this around without at least 50% of votes against the offer.


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For further information please contact one of your ASU delegates, James Wicker, Oscar Violante, Bob Hildebrand or contact your ASU Organiser Emma Bagg  0499 250 030,

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