The ASU campaign against the privatisation of VicRoads is in full swing.

Events have been held across Melbourne and Ballarat, resulting in plenty of media coverage and political attention.

The ASU is calling out the Government to rule out any privatisation or part-privatisation.

In a confusing show, government ministers have equivocated and contradicted each other. The Treasurer has spoken about possible “public-private partnerships”, while the Deputy Premier has said they’re looking at “commercialisation”.

Whatever they call it, we don’t want it, and neither does the general public!

We all know that privatisation never works. It only results in cuts in services, cuts in wages, and higher prices for customers. On top of this, VicRoads handles sensitive information on millions of Victorians, and this should never be in private hands.

To support the campaign, sign the petition opposing the sale of VicRoads, and contact your State Member of Parliament to tell them you don’t want VicRoads Privatised. And of course, spread the word!

And for more information, you can go to

If you are able to get more involved in the campaign to stop the privatisation of VicRoads, contact ASU Organiser Matt Price at

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