The ASU has written to VicRoads Management raising a number of concerns and seeking to understand how they intend to deal with this crisis and the effects on staff.

We are particularly concerned about what types of leave will apply for VicRoads and Agency staff in the event of self-isolation, or possible closures of worksites.

To be clear, the closure of worksites has not been flagged at this stage, but we need to be prepared for this in the event of it happening in the future.

The questions we have asked are as follows;

  1. Can you please provide any directions or updates issued to CSCs and Contact Centres in relation to COVID 19.
  2. Clause 79.12 of EA8 provides for Emergency Leave for staff where an emergency exists. It is the firm view of the ASU that where a staff member is required to self-isolate, or in the event of a COVID 19 related closure of a VicRoads site, that this leave ought to apply, and that VicRoads extends this beyond the three days’ leave provided in the clause where necessary. Can you please advise Management’s position on this.
  3. It is the firm view of the ASU that any labour hire/agency staff who are required to self-isolate or are prevented from attending work for any COVID 19 related reason, including personal illness, should be paid an amount based on their average hours worked over the previous three months until they return to work. We recognise that VicRoads is not the employer of these staff members, but assert that VicRoads has an obligation to them nonetheless, to ensure that they are not forced into hardship by circumstances beyond their control. Can you please advise Management’s position on this.
  4. Can you please notify the ASU what OH&S measures are being put in place at CSCSs, where staff have high levels of exposure to the public.

We will advise members as soon as we have any further information. In the meantime, if you have a specific individual issue that you need assistance with, please contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570.

With the ongoing uncertainty around the future of Registration and Licensing dragging on, the ASU is still being kept in the dark about the intentions of the State Government around possible privatisation. This despite Treasurer Tim Pallas claiming that the Government is in ongoing discussions with the Union.

Clause 8.8 of VicRoads EA8 explains the meaning of consultation as follows; “Consultation means the full, meaningful and frank discussion of issues/proposals and the explanation and furnishing of explanatory documents and due consideration of the views of the relevant employees and their relevant recognised representative/s, prior to implementation by any final decision.” It is clear that this is not happening.

On this basis, the ASU made an application to the Fair Work Commission late last week. We are now formally in dispute with VicRoads and will remain so until this matter is resolved.

In light of the COVID 19 situation, it may be some time before this matter is listed for conference at the Commission, but we will keep members updated of any developments.

Bargaining is continuing around EA9, with the ASU seeking responses to our log of claims from Management. There has been little progress to date, but we are meeting regularly and will keep members posted of any developments.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Price | 0407 362 764 |

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