Salary Maintenance (Special Leave) To Commence
As advised last week, VicRoads are set to commence salary maintenance arrangements where there is insufficient work available at VicRoads sites.

The salary maintenance provisions are set out in the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) guidance note – Victorian Public Sector and the ASU have been in ongoing discussions with the Department of Transport about how this will be applied. Staff will be entitled to 20 days’ paid leave where they are required not to attend work due to insufficient work needs. And the 20 days can be broken up to be used in single days.

We are very pleased to report that in response to lobbying by ASU, DoT has agreed to extend these provisions to agency staff. As we said to the Department, these staff members play a crucial role at VicRoads, and as such, they have a clear duty to look after them.

Availability and Personal Leave
Unfortunately, as is often the case at VicRoads the story isn’t all positive. Late Monday we found out that staff across a number of sites have been told that any day that they are on salary maintenance (or special leave) will mean that they need to be available to return to work and that if they refuse to then that day will come out of personal leave.

This is completely incorrect.

There is nothing in the Guidance Note that allows for salary maintenance (or special leave) days to be used as availability. There are specific provisions in EA8 around availability/stand by, and these cannot be invoked unless management follows all of the requirements in EA8.

And your personal leave can only be used when you are sick, or you are caring for someone who is sick. No exceptions.

These are unusual times, but that does not mean that local management can start making up the rules.

If you are being told that you need to be available to return to work on salary maintenance, or that failure to do so will come out of personal leave, please contact the Union immediately on

And once again, a huge thank you to our amazing delegates and health and safety reps who continue to do such an amazing job.

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