Consultation continues between the ASU, VicRoads, and DoT around the impending transition of non-R&L staff to the Department. The ASU has held a number of meetings with management, and received a large amount of feedback from members.

Annual Leave Loading

We have already achieved a significant concession from management around Annual Leave Loading (ALL). From the outset, VicRoads and DoT agreed to ensure that transitioning staff would be on conditions that were “no less favourable overall”. However, VicRoads had initially proposed that staff would not be entitled to ALL in accordance with the VPS EA. In response, ASU successfully argued that this was inconsistent with the “no less favourable overall” commitment, so you will now be eligible for this provision. This is a significant win for members, meaning that you will now receive an additional 17.5% loading when you take annual leave.

Outstanding Matters

A number of other concerns remain outstanding. It is our view that the EA8 provisions regarding flexibility, redeployment & redundancy, and reimbursement of expenses are also superior to those in the VPS EA, and we have written to management to request that these are added to the list.

We are also seeking stronger protections around the preservation of your superior EA8 provisions. Those provisions will be preserved by way of a letter to each staff member. However, a number of members have raised concerns that they might be taken away at some point in the future. As such, we have asked that the terms of this letter are strengthened, such that an employee cannot be forced to relinquish them by way of a restructure or some other non-voluntary change to a role. Management have agreed to re-draft these letters in accordance with these concerns, but we have not yet agreed on final wording.

We have also received a number of enquiries about what will happen to staff who are currently on secondment, and staff who are currently in the redeployment pool. It is unclear what will happen in those circumstances, so we have asked a number of detailed questions about this.

Discussions between the ASU and management will continue over the coming weeks, and will advise members of any progress or updates on the above matters.

Rest assured, the ASU will continue to represent you right throughout this transition and into the future.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Price | 0407 362 764 |

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