After many weeks of discussions, VicRoads Management have finalised the details of the transition of non R&L staff to Department of Transport.

The ASU achieved significant gains for members, and whilst we did not get everything we were seeking, the vast majority of our proposed changes were included and the finalised arrangements are significantly better than what was originally proposed.

The ASU is aware that another union has outstanding concerns, and we are in ongoing discussions with them about this.

Members have been contacting the union with a number of questions about this, and so this newsletter is intended to answer those concerns.

By now, affected staff will have received a letter of engagement, setting out the terms of the transfer and the preservation of employment conditions. You are not required to sign anything, and a copy of this letter will be placed on your file. Nonetheless, we strongly encourage members to save a copy of this letter in a place where you will be able to find it in the future.

Crucially, this letter ensures that that the terms and conditions of your substantive position will be preserved, and will continue to apply for any position you are matched to as part of the transition to DoT, including all stages of the design process. They will also continue to apply if you are transferred to any equivalent or substantially similar position within DoT that may occur as part of any restructure in the future.

It is important that members understand that should you apply for a different position within DoT in the future, such as a promotion to a higher grade, these preserved conditions will no longer apply.


So what are the preserved conditions?

On transfer, you will be going across to the VPS Agreement, however, the following superior conditions from VicRoads EA8 will go with you:

  • You will transfer on your existing salary and the progression entitlement associated with your current substantive classification
  • Those who are top of band retain access to the 4 per cent top-of-grade bonus in the annual performance cycle
  • You will retain your continuity of service and any accrued leave entitlements
  • You will retain your existing flexible work arrangements for the period agreed and existing review arrangements will apply
  • You will retain existing overtime eligibility
  • You will continue to be entitled to the 40% public transport subsidy
  • You will continue to receive your CDP 4% progression and 4% top of band bonus, subject to fulfilment of the ‘progression criteria’ as outlined in Clause 24.3 of the VPS EA
  • Appointed First Aid Officers with a current certificate will retain the current first aid allowance.


In addition to this, you will pick up the following provisions from the VPS Agreement:

  • Additional payment of 17.5% of salary on annual leave entitlement for all VRO/VPS grades (accrued from date of transfer and payment capped at top of VPS Grade 4 – $96,759 at present)
  • 2 weeks paid parental leave and up to 50 weeks unpaid parental leave (provided you have, or will have, completed at least 12 months paid continuous service)
  • Ability to apply for unpaid Extended Family Leave for up to 7 years (inclusive of any parental leave taken) should you have exhausted all parental leave entitlements
  • You will have priority access to roles across the VPS more broadly, not just roles in DoT


The matters that we pushed for but were unable to achieve are as follows;

  • Right to apply for flexible arrangements of hours of work. It is our view that the VicRoads EA8 provisions are stronger than those in the VPS EA. Management did not agree, and argued that Department of Transport policy ensures stronger entitlements than those in the Agreement.
  • The wording in the letters of engagement. The ASU sought to include the word ‘voluntarily’ in the section that deals with possible changes to roles in future restructures. We lobbied hard for this, but could not get it across the line.


We have fielded a number of enquiries from members regarding different employment arrangements, and on this we can advise the following:

  • Ongoing employees will be transferred as ongoing employees
  • Fixed term employees will transfer on fixed term contracts until the end of their fixed term contract
  • Existing Agency / Contractor engagements will continue as per the terms of their engagement
  • Existing internal VicRoads secondment arrangements will continue unchanged and will be managed in the accordance with current arrangements.
  • If the secondment is external to DoT, the terms and conditions of the secondment entity will apply.
  • Redeployees –you will transfer to DoT on 1 July 2019 and will have priority access to roles across the entire VPS (regardless of last division).

The ASU will continue to represent transferring members once they move across to the Department of Transport. We have negotiated an MOU with the CPSU guaranteeing future coverage by the ASU. You will continue to get full support and representation from your union post July 1 and into the future.


For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Price | 0407 362 764 |

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