Following on from our Zoom Members Meeting on Monday night, ASU representatives met with Roads Minister Jaala Pulford on Tuesday.

Minister Pulford was keen to hear your concerns and questions about the resumption of drive tests, and the kinds of measures we want to see put in place to ensure the safety of all VicRoads staff.

The key concerns we raised were;

  • Consultation and consistency. We know from experience that all too often VicRoads Management have implemented processes in an ad-hoc, inconsistent way. We want members and the union to be consulted about the proper process, and ensure that it is applied consistently and correctly in every single worksite
  • Consistent informed approach on return to testing, PPE, and other safety measures. We want an evidence-based approach that is supported by risk assessments and the advice of health experts, to ensure that every aspect of this is done with the utmost care and caution
  • Limit risk in the vehicle. We want VicRoads vehicles to be used for all tests, no more than two people in a car (LTO and applicant), and sufficient time allocated for thorough cleaning of cars between tests
  • Measures to reduce the backlog. To help clear the backlog of tests, we’ve suggested that Overseas license holder tests remain on hold, that test times could be reduced to 30 minutes, and that testing could be conducted on weekends, with overtime as an opt-in for staff.

There is an infection control expert group (a subcommittee of the National Cabinet) that is currently investigating a national approach to drive tests. Once this process has concluded, Management will come to us with a proposal. In the meantime, we will provide a full list of our requests to Management. We will continue to keep members updated of any progress, and we want to thank all delegates and members who have participated thus far.

The Union is in ongoing discussions with Government about rectifying the overuse of agency (labour-hire) in VicRoads. We have been campaigning around this for a long time, and now we are pleased to report that things seem to be moving.

Discussions have commenced around converting agency staff to ongoing VicRoads employees. We have made it clear that we want to see automatic conversion based on length of service, and all staff who are inappropriately engaged as labour-hire should be converted to ongoing positions.

It is early days, and we don’t have any agreed principles yet, but we have made it clear that this needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency, and the Government shares this goal.

Please talk to your agency colleagues about this campaign and the importance of Union membership in this context.

We urge all members to share this newsletter with your colleagues and to talk to a non-member today about the crucial role of the ASU in VicRoads.

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