Ombudsman’s Report into VicRoads Complaints
The Victorian Ombudsman’s report was tabled in Parliament yesterday, and it highlights the need for greater spending on systems and processes, and better training of staff. Ombudsman Deborah Glass said “Some of these issues will not be fixed properly without major investment in systems, which will take time and money,”.

The ASU believes that report should also have addressed workloads. ASU members know all too well that VicRoads staffing levels have not kept pace with Victoria’s growing population. More and more work is expected from VicRoads staff every year, and this cannot be sustained.

ASU is in ongoing discussions with VicRoads Management about this and other issues. If you have any information about these workload problems that you would like pass on to the ASU, please contact Matt Price on

All information provided to the union will be treated with the strictest confidence.

EA 9 Bargaining to start this year
ASU will be holding members meetings across the state to develop our log of claims for the new Enterprise Agreement. EA 8 expires in December this year, and we have expressed to management that we are keen to commence bargaining as soon as possible.

A change to Government Wages Policy is imminent, and we are hopeful that formal bargaining will be underway by mid-year at the latest.

Talk to a colleague about joining today! The more members we have, the stronger we will be in bargaining, not to mention the many other benefits of union membership. Make it your goal to speak to at least one non-member this week about joining the union!

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Price |

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