Right now we have the chance to move forward into the Joint Venture Partnership as part of the ASU.  Changing into a private company with strong union representation would mean best placed to continue to play an important role in the workplace.

The ASU will continue to be in a good position to help resolve workplace issues by being a voice for employees and acting as your representative during bargaining negotiations.  We will persevere in working with management to help resolve workplace issues and actively advocate for employees and ensure that the minimum obligations are being met.

Whilst we know that working in the private sector will bring some differences, your EA9 terms and conditions are locked in until it expires in September 2024. We will then seek to negotiate a new, improved Agreement with the Joint Venture.  We trust that the new Joint Venture Partners will continue to be open to our active participation with the working force and by retaining our current membership, and expanding into the future, we can stand together as one to ensure your working rights are supported.

We ask our members to speak to colleagues about joining together to make sure you are represented.

New members can join here https://asujoin.asn.au/

If you have any questions about this email please speak with your ASU delegate or get in touch with the ASU at info@asuvictas.com.au

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