Today Treasurer Tim Pallas announced that a consortium of Aware Super, Australian Retirement Trust and Macquarie Asset Management was selected as the Joint Venture partner to effectively take over VicRoads.

ASU has been consulted throughout this process, and we have ensured that your conditions of employment are protected through the benchmark MOU with Government.

We will continue to protect your rights at work throughout this process and into the future. Your ASU delegates played a massive part in securing your conditions.

Make no mistake, this is an $8 billion blow to Victorian workers and Victorian motorists, who are losing control of a critical piece of our state’s road infrastructure. Privatisation inevitably leads to worse services – not better.

Of course, there is more to do to modernise VicRoads’ technology and processes – workers are fully committed to this. But doing deals with private consortiums is not the way to do it, and we are extremely concerned that the government has been blinded by the billions of dollars on offer and is selling out the best interests of motorists and VicRoads workers.

It’s never been more important to join the Union.

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