We are pleased to advise that the VicRoads EA9 has received overwhelming endorsement from ASU members, and papers are being signed today. This means that today will be the date of the first payrise, to be back paid once approved by the Fair Work Commission next year.

Key components of the Agreement include;

  • 2% payrises per year
  • A $1100 patience in bargaining payment to compensate for the delay
  • Annual flexibility payments starting at $700
  • Significant improvements to parental leave, superannuation on parental leave, and compassionate leave
  • A new clause ensuring staff get adequate set up time before serving customers
  • Commitments to work with ASU to develop strategies on workplace bullying, diversity and inclusion, mental health, and break adherence

Full details can be found here


Vicroads Delegates recently identified conflicting information from management regarding how the 1.5m distance between staff is measured, and plans to re-open customer service counters without consultation. They contacted their ASU organiser and together took the matter to management who accepted the concerns; agreed to consult delegates on COVID-related changes; and held off further changes until proper consultation had taken place. Without active delegates, those changes may have been implemented, putting workers at risk.


The ASU office will close at midday on Christmas Eve and reopen on Monday the 4th of January. There will be a small skeleton crew available to assist with any very urgent matters.

We want to thank our amazing delegates and members who have gone over and above during what has been an incredibly challenging year. They have achieved amazing outcomes on COVID19 issues, EA9, and so much more.

Talk to a colleague today about the importance of ASU membership at VicRoads.

Matt Price, ASU Orgniser

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