Bargaining has commenced for the new VicRoads Agreement, and after an extensive series of members meetings, we have developed a draft log of claims.

This is your EA9. Before we can provide the log to management, we need your endorsement. Please read the log below, and follow the link to vote for approval.

  1. All conditions, entitlements and allowances to be retained
  2. Salary increases of 3.5% p/a over 4 years
  3. Inclusion of a new secure employment clause, limiting the use of labour hire, and stipulating that labour hire cannot be used in place of genuine ongoing roles
  4. New inclement weather clause restricting outdoor work, including drive tests, in extreme heat or rain
  5. Dispute Settling Procedure to include ‘any other workplace matter’
  6. Superannuation to be paid during parental leave
  7. Inclusion of annual leave loading
  8. Compassionate leave increased to 5 days per occasion
  9. Amend ‘hours of work’ clause to clarify that staff cannot be required to commence any tasks until the official commencement of shifts
  10. Amend the ‘Disciplinary Procedures’ clause to provide separate processes for misconduct and performance management, and to ensure staff are provided full details of any allegations in writing
  11. Consultation clause to be amended so that consultation commences where the employer has ‘developed a proposal’
  12. ASU access to all inductions for VicRoads staff
  13. Strengthen annual leave clause so that it cannot be unreasonably refused
  14. Expand purchased leave options back to 12 weeks
  15. Provision for paid time to be allocated to complete CDPs

Click here to vote for approval. Voting closes at COB next Monday February 17.

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