After many months of negotiations, your ASU bargaining team are pleased to advise that we have a received an offer from Management that we are happy to recommend to members.

We believe that this is a good deal, and deserves your support. Importantly, the proposed mobility clause has been removed, and will not form part of the agreement.

Key components of the offer include;

  • 2% payrises per year
  • A $1100 patience in bargaining payment to compensate for the delay
  • Annual flexibility payments starting at $700 and increasing from there
  • Significant improvements to parental leave, superannuation on parental leave, and compassionate leave
  • A new clause ensuring staff get adequate set up time before serving customers
  • Commitments to work with ASU to develop strategies on workplace bullying, diversity and inclusion, mental health, and break adherence

Full details of the offer can be found here

We urge you to vote ‘yes’, so we can lock in the first payrise in December 2020. Voting close 5pm Tuesday December 22nd

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Matt Price at

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