While the ASU’s opposition to the part-privatisation of VicRoads is grabbing the headlines, there a good story to tell with the recently agreed enterprise agreement. This agreement will set the pay and conditions of VicRoads workers for the next four years.

The new VicRoads EA9 has received resounding support in the ballot of all staff. ASU delegates worked hard to get a great outcome for members, under difficult circumstances. Bargaining meetings were held online over many months during lockdown last year, and the Union was unable to do face to face members meetings. Nonetheless, we achieved significant gains with no trade-offs.

Key features of the Agreement include;

  • 2% payrises per year
  • An $1100 ‘patience in bargaining’ payment to compensate for the delay.
  • Annual flexibility payments starting at $700 (increases by 2% each year). It is a broad, general commitment to work more flexibly, but does NOT change anything to do with work locations.
  • Significant improvements to parental leave, superannuation on parental leave, and compassionate leave. Primary carer’s leave is increased from 14 to 16 weeks. Paid and unpaid parental leave up to 52 weeks will now attract superannuation, and Compassionate leave can be extended from 3 to 5 days.
  • A new customer service staff clause ensuring staff get adequate setup time before serving customers. This is to stop people from being required to work for free, which is what is happening now at many locations.
  • Commitments to work with ASU to develop strategies on workplace bullying, diversity and inclusion, mental health, and break adherence. This is significant as our members keep telling us about the bullying problem at VicRoads. We have a commitment from Management to work with the ASU to tackle this problem.
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