ASU members have raised serious concerns about the resumption of drive tests and the requirements on driving instructors and applicants to be vaccinated.

The ASU has been in contact with the Department of Transport. They have advised that Driving Instructors are not covered by the Chief Health officer’s recent direction around mandatory vaccines for authorized workers. We cannot understand how or why they are exempt and have sought further explanation about why this is the case.

Members are rightly concerned about being in a vehicle with people who may be unvaccinated, but there are also concerns about staff being required to enforce any mandate. So we have also proposed that security could be deployed at every site to manage any backlash from the public.

But we want to hear from you – please take this quick survey to let us know your views on this.

ASU delegates continue to hold regular meetings with Management, as they have done right throught the pandemic. And we will use the survey results to advocate for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Organiser Matt Price at

And talk to a colleague today about the importance of Union membership

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