Thank you to everyone who participated in our member survey last week about vaccines and drive tests. The results were clear – members overwhelmingly want all participants in drive tests to be vaccinated, and to prove that they are vaccinated. And members want security at all sites to enforce this.

We have been in ongoing discussions with VicRoads Management about this issue, and have told them what you told us. Management has taken this on board, and are in ongoing discussions with Government about addressing this issue. We are hopeful of a good outcome on this, but a lot is still unclear.

Management has said they will be able to provide more clarity to the Union on this matter next week, and we will update members as soon as we hear anything.

In the meantime, we will keep lobbying on your behalf to ensure that your workplace is safe.

None of this would be possible without the amazing and persistent work by your ASU delegates at VicRoads. If you would like to become a delegate, or would just like more information about the role of delegates, please contact
ASU Organiser Matt Price |

And talk to a colleague today about the importance of union membership. it’s easy for anyone to join the ASU online at


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