Limited numbers of compassionate grounds drive tests are set to commence at a number of VicRoads sites, and ASU are monitoring this process to ensure that members are not put at risk.

We have been in ongoing consultation with VicRoads Management about the OHS measures being put in place around this, as well as the criteria being used to assess applicants.

Members are being asked if they wish to volunteer to do these tests. You cannot be compelled, and there will not be any adverse repercussions if you choose not to participate. The Fair Work Act provides protections against adverse action, and you have a common law right to refuse to perform work that you believe will place you in immediate danger.

If you feel you are being pressured into participating, please contact the Union straight way.

We will continue to monitor this, and provide updates as information becomes available.


Members have contacted the Union to advise that they are being directed to take accrued flex time, due to a decline in work in CSCs.

Your EA8 does not allow Management to make such directions. Clause 42.5 states that “The time of taking accrued time off shall be agreed between VicRoads and the relevant employee.” So both parties need to agree.

Management can certainly ask if you would like to take accrued flex time, but you have every right to say ‘no’.

If you have been directed, rather than asked, to take flex time, we would recommend asking for that direction in writing and contacting the Union for assistance.


We urge all members to share this newsletter with your colleagues, and to talk to a non-member today about the crucial role of the ASU in VicRoads.

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