With consultation around the matching process in full swing, ASU can now provide members with a copy of the Memorandum of understanding that we signed with Treasurer Pallas around the transfer to the Joint Venture. This is the document that ensures that key entitlements are retained, and that staff are treated fairly through this process.

We have always opposed this privatisation, but the MOU is a great outcome for members – the best of its kind ever achieved in Victoria. And it only happened because of the incredible work of your ASU Delegates at VicRoads. Right throughout COVID and the Privatisation process, your delegates have worked tirelessly to get the best outcomes for all members.

And as ASU members, you get to see this first. The full document can be found here.

Key features of the MOU include:

  • $2000* sign on bonus for staff on transfer to the Joint Venture
  • $10,000* incentive payment three months after transfer to the JV
  • $10,000* incentive payment 24 months after transfer to the JV
  • All terms and conditions from EA9 locked in
  • A guaranteed position for all VicRoads staff, locked in for a minimum of three years
  • No changes to existing work location arrangements
  • Continuity of service – all leave balances to transfer across
  • Defined benefits superannuation to be maintained for staff currently in DB schemes.
  • Commitment to comply with Gender Equality Act
  • All Workcover liabilities to transfer to the JV.
  • A right of return and redeployment to the public sector, including access to the Public Service Job Skills Exchange
  • An agreed, fair job matching process

*pro rata for part time staff

Please circulate this email to colleagues, and talk to them about the importance of ASU membership.

if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Union on 1300 855 570.

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