ASU delegates are continuing to campaign to get agency staff at VicRoads converted to ongoing, directly employed VicRoads staff members.

We have received commitments from the previous and current Roads Ministers that this is a priority for Government, and we will hold them to account.

Agency/Labour hire has been badly overused in VicRoads for many years, meaning that many staff have been insecurely employed, with no access to sick leave, annual leave, or any of the other rights that permanent staff enjoy.

Now is the time to talk to an agency colleague about joining ASU, so they can join the fight for their workplace rights.

At this link you will find a letter from ASU Secretary Lisa Darmanin, addressed to agency staff members. It includes a membership form on the reverse side.

Please print out this letter and hand it to a labour hire colleague, or leave a pile of them in your lunchroom.

For more information, please contact
ASU Organiser Matt Price |


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